Summer Swing Tassel Layering Necklace

Summer Swing Tassel Necklace: My Weekend WorkshopTassels! I’m seeing them more and more as the weather continues to warm up, and I don’t think I’m just noticing them because I love them so much. The world really has gone tassel-crazy! And just in case you were wondering, I’m completely, 100% on board with this festive trend. Or a little overboard maybe, depending on how you look at it. I may or may not have created an entire Pinterest board just for tassels, and that board may or may not be filled with adorable be-tasseled (is that a word? It is now.) shoes, bags, accessories, and the most sassy jewelry you’ve ever seen.

After a few weeks of longing for something be-tassled to call my very own, an idea struck me. I decided to try my hand at making my own playful tassel necklace that would be great with all of the fun outfits I have planned for the warm summer days to come.



Summer Swing Tassel Necklace: My Weekend Workshop

{Please excuse the well-loved wire cutters – they were self-conscious and didn’t want to be photographed up close, but agreed to appear in just this one shot}

  • Chain (I chose a basic style, but a more ornate chain would work just as well!)
  • Ruler
  • Wire Cutters
  • Lobster Claw Jewelry Clasp
  • 5mm Jump Ring (1)
  • 4mm Jump Rings (16)
  • Tassels
  • Small Needle-nose Pliers (I included both round-nose and flat-nose jewelry pliers in my materials shot, but ended up only using the flat-nose)

Most of these items, with the exception of the tassels, can be found at big craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s for pretty cheap. There’s a great selection of tassels on Etsy, and you can find the exact tassels I used here


Step 1: Choose your chain length.

Use your wire cutters to carefully snip your chain to the length you prefer. I wanted a long necklace that draped to just below my chest, so I made my chain approximately 38″ long.  The easiest way to choose your necklace length is to stand in front of a mirror while you adjust the chain until you get it perfect, then snip!


Step 2: Add the clasp to your chain.

Summer Swing Tassel Necklace: My Weekend WorkshopGrab your 5mm jump ring and use your pliers to gently open it. Then thread it through the last link on one end of the chain and close it back up. I typically just use my fingers to pull the ring closed while I hold it steady with the pliers, but you could also use another pair of pliers to bend it back in place if you find that easier!

Summer Swing Tassel Necklace: My Weekend Workshop

Next, grab one of your 4mm jump rings, open it with your pliers and thread it through the last link on the opposite end of the chain, and then the loop on your clasp before bending it closed.


Step 3: Plan your tassel spacing.

Summer Swing Tassel Necklace: My Weekend Workshop

Before attaching your tassels, spend some time playing around with spacing and color patterns. I started this project with six sets of four tassels in multiple colors: deep purple, hot pink, light pink, orange, lime green and bright aqua. After spending some time arranging and rearranging my necklace, I opted to save the lime green and bright aqua tassels for a future project, and stick to only warm colors for this necklace. This meant fewer tassels, spaced further apart, so I ended up choosing to have about 1″ of chain length between each tassel.


Step 4: Attach your tassels.

Summer Swing Tassel Necklace: My Weekend WorkshopI opted to attach a tassel at the dead center of the necklace, and build the rest of the tassels up from there, towards the clasp. The easiest way to find the dead center is to hold your necklace chain up by the closed clasp and let it hang straight. The bottom of the hanging chain will be dead center. Once you find that point, attach your tassel there using one of your 4mm jump rings. Use your ruler to keep your spacing consistent as you attached the rest of your tassels.


Optional Step: Add a bonus tassel.

Summer Swing Tassel Necklace: My Weekend WorkshopBecause I opted to start with a single center tassel and build the necklace from there, I ended up with one leftover tassel in my favorite color of the whole lot: deep purple. I wasn’t sure what to do with the little fella until G suggested that I add it to the clasp just for fun. Such a smart one, he is!

Summer Swing Tassel Necklace: My Weekend WorkshopSo there you have it. A swingy little necklace that’s always ready for a party!

XO, Sarah


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