2-Step Moss Letters

2-Step Moss LettersIn an effort to save up for our dream house, G and I opted to pack up and leave our tiny apartment near Buckhead, and live for a year or two “OTP”. that’s Outside the Perimeter for you non-Atlantans, meaning we’re just outside of the highway that surrounds the city. I knew I would miss being close to the action of the city, but we were able to get a much larger apartment for less money. Great, right? Yes! BUT, as soon as we moved in I realized that we only had enough furniture and wall decor to fill our teeny tiny closet of an apartment in Buckhead! I’ve been working hard ever since make this space our own on a shoestring budget, and that means lots of DIY projects and bargain hunting.

The key for a rental space is to decorate with items that can easily be removed, so you get to keep that security deposit. I find the best ideas on Pinterest, and sometimes even take key elements from bigger, more permanent projects and recreate them to work for our space.  That was the case for these moss letters in our apartment. I have admired this live moss lettering project for a while, and I know one day I’ll use it in a space we own. But for our current living arrangement, I needed to figure out how I could capture the look and feel of live moss on the wall without causing actual property damage. Then I saw a bag of moss on one of my Hobby Lobby aisle-wandering trips, and boom, simplest DIY post ever was born.

Ready? Let’s get started!

2-Step Moss Letters: My Weekend Workshop


Preserved Moss (mine is The Moss Collection brand from Hobby Lobby)

Glue (I LOVE Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue for simple projects like this)

8″ Cardboard Letters (Buy them, or make your own using this tutorial from Poppytalk!)


Optional: A sizeable scrap of wrapping paper or newspaper placed over your work surface for easy clean-up

Not optional: a piping hot cup (or three) of strong coffee


Step 1: Glue the moss to the surface of your letters.

Easy Moss Letters: My Weekend WorkshopUse the tip of your glue bottle to spread glue all over a 2″-3″ section of the front surface of one of your letters. Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue stays, well, tacky for a while, so if you stick (ha!) to spreading glue in 3″ segments, you’ll have plenty of time to place your moss and even move it around a little before the glue dries.2-Step Moss Letters: My Weekend WorkshopPinch small sections of moss and work them with your fingers to arrange them in a semi-flat clump. Place this clump onto the glue and press down gently. I found it easiest to place larger clumps like this down first and get pretty good coverage over the sticky glue, then pinch of smaller bits and poke them in where needed, filling in any in any gaps where you can see cardboard.

2-Step Moss Letters: My Weekend Workshop

2-Step Moss Letters: My Weekend WorkshopContinue working in sections until you cover the whole front surface, then move on to the sides, and the back. I have plans to include my little moss letters in a future living room gallery wall, so I chose to leave the back of each letter moss-free. If you’re using your letters in any open setting (example: as a table centerpiece), you’ll definitely want to cover the back, and maybe even leave a little space on the bottom bare, so that they’ll remain stable enough to stand on their own.

2-Step Moss Letters: My Weekend WorkshopOnce you’ve covered each surface, your letters will look like two characters from Sesame Street. Slap some eyes on those badboys and they could be Oscar the Grouch’s long-lost cousins. This tutorial is brought to you by the letters D, I and Y…you get the idea.


Step 2: Trim!

Easy Moss Letters: My Weekend WorkshopGive your letters a quick haircut, snipping off the moss bits that stick out too much. How much you cut is entirely up to you, but the idea is to snip enough so that you’re safely out of Muppet territory, without snipping all the way down to the cardboard.

And, you’re done! Now all that’s left to do is find a great spot to display your beautiful moss letters.

Easy Moss Letters: My Weekend Workshop

For now, until I finally get my butt in gear and hang my living room gallery wall, I opted to show my moss letters off on the mantel above our fireplace. I added this adorable mini lantern that I picked up at Anthropologie last week, and I think they go really well together.  What do you think?

As I was making my moss letters, I started thinking of all the different ways they could be used. They would look great as monogram centerpieces at a DIY wedding, or could be used to spell out the bride’s soon-to-be last name for the gift table at a shower. It would be so simple to attach a mini moss monogram to a grapevine wreath and give as a thoughtful housewarming gift, too!

I’d love to see pictures of your moss letters and hear how you plan to use them! Let me know down below in the comments 🙂


XO, Sarah


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