DIY Rose Water

Ask me what the one natural beauty product I can't live without is, and I'll tell you without hesitation that it's rose water. The reason? It's just so simple, but so so versatile. I spritz the antioxidant-rich elixir after my morning shower to help wake up my senses and balance my skin's pH. I've also … Continue reading DIY Rose Water


Mask and Ask: Simply Salicylic

Are you ready for the simplest mask you've ever made using ingredients you may not have expected? You've probably heard of salicylic acid before. It's the main ingredient in a whole lot of expensive anti-aging and acne-fighting treatments. It's also the main only ingredient in good old, cheap-as-can-be Aspirin. That's right, friends. All you need … Continue reading Mask and Ask: Simply Salicylic